Music – Something for everyone

In the last week I have been pondering the following question…………is there anyone that does not like music? I am not thinking along the lines of a particular genre of music but in general, be it jazz, rock, country, blues, hip hop etc. I personally have never met a person who does not like music in one shape or form and believe that I never will so the other question that has popped up in my spare time is – why does everyone like music?

I feel there is no one answer, rather quite a broad range of reasons but there are a couple that I believe stand out above the others.

1. Without going in to the science behind how our ears and brains work, it is clear that there is something about music that we simply find appealing and the sound does not necessarily need to be in the slightest bit complex to please. For example a fair basic rhythm played on a drum kit can be enough for some people to start tapping their feet or mimicking drum playing with the hands on a table etc. which suggests it cannot be much than a subconscious reaction.

2. Music does something to the rest of our bodies; it can make us dance, it can make us smile or even cry (under certain circumstances which I may tap in to at a later date), as mentioned above, tap our feet, clap our hands in time with the beat etc. Most of these reactions are signals of happiness or at least contentment and is probably the underlying reason why listening to a radio when working makes the daily work routine that bit easier to manage – ever seen an unhappy car mechanic?

When we play live gigs, we see these reactions all the time, even those that are not dancing more often than not show a positive reaction of some description to what we are doing.

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