Has country music lost it’s way again?

For several years, since about maybe 2007, it has been quite widely reported that country music has once again lost it’s way and one journalist even went as far as highlighting “Watching You” as a prime example of where modern day country music was heading, it is song about a kid, his McDonalds burger and the resulting mess when the brakes were applied a bit on the sharp side but I am not convinced that was a totally valid argument as country music has always reflected the current day society and it’s inner workings.

Another aspect toward the argument is some country singers are crossing the gap in to “pop” music, making some country fans a little disappointed as their idols appear to be erasing something that was identifiable to them, but again that is not really anything new either. Although country and pop are two very different music genres, there have frequently been country artists that have bridged the gap in the states and in the UK.

I say that nothing has dramatically changed. “pop” music has been more popular and taken center stage for many years in the music scene, as it does now so the only way I feel country has lost it’s way is perhaps on the commercial side where there is a smaller following of fans.

If there are people out there that are reading this and believe that country music has lost it’s way then why not come along and watch us – The Rupert Duncan Band, performing cover songs of what are considered more traditional country hits. We promise to not disappoint and we certainly will not be looking to transcend in top the popular music scene  - ever!

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