Cover Bands – Why they do have a place in music

The Rupert Duncan Sacramento country band is primarily a cover band and we do not make any attempt to hide or disguise that basic fact, indeed we are somewhat proud of being exactly that. Yes we have written some of our own material to compliment the music we play at parties or events but a cover band is essential what we are. The question we are sometimes asked though is why do we believe cover bands have a place in the music scene at all? Do we not just simply take the music from other artists to earn a crust? Well we do not simply take their music as royalties are normally involved, with the original artists blessing but what we are doing is helping to keep their music alive and here is the reason why…….

Most people grow up listening to music of one or more genre’s and as time passes by they tend to reflect on the music of yesteryear and typically have a favorite artist or period in their life where the music of the day holds a certain memory for them. Naturally all artists retire from the scene eventually but people still want to listen to their  ”Live Music” and that is where cover bands come in to their own and fill the void left behind.

Some cover bands will play songs that are note for note and leave it that (as we more often than not do) and others will make an attempt to look and sound like the original band or artist. In either respect, there is a healthy following just to hear the live music of their favorites once again. Where the Rupert Duncan Sacramento Country Band is a little different is we cover a broad range of artists and songs, not just one, providing a greater range of music for our audience.


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