Music – Something for everyone

In the last week I have been pondering the following question…………is there anyone that does not like music? I am not thinking along the lines of a particular genre of music but in general, be it jazz, rock, country, blues, hip hop etc. I personally have never met a person who does not like music [...]

Cover Bands – Why they do have a place in music

The Rupert Duncan Sacramento country band is primarily a cover band and we do not make any attempt to hide or disguise that basic fact, indeed we are somewhat proud of being exactly that. Yes we have written some of our own material to compliment the music we play at parties or events but a cover [...]

Has country music lost it’s way again?

For several years, since about maybe 2007, it has been quite widely reported that country music has once again lost it’s way and one journalist even went as far as highlighting “Watching You” as a prime example of where modern day country music was heading, it is song about a kid, his McDonalds burger and the [...]

Ready for the summer

We are about to enter the month of April, and the Rupert Duncan Band is ready for the summer gigs and braced for the soaring temperatures. We have had our winter break and enjoyed playing outdoor events in mild and mostly calm conditions, now the real work begins in playing gigs outdoors in the height of the [...]

Country Music – The Early Years

Country music has been at the forefront of the American music scene for some 80 years and has witnessed some significant changes in that time and it has become quite rare to find a modern day band or cover band that play the music from that era, though there must be small pockets of people [...]

The Roots of Country Music

The Roots of Country Music, as much as the Rupert Duncan Band would like, is not easy to cover in a single blog article so we are having a mini-series to cover the topic and maybe highlight some information you were not previously aware of. Country music has stood the test of time and remains [...]

What is a cover band?

Well for starters, the Rupert Duncan Band fits perfectly in to the cover band label with the definition being a band that will play mostly, or in some cases, exclusively songs previously written and performed by other artists. It is not uncommon for a newly formed band to start out on their musical career by [...]

Country Music Stereotypes

Welcome back to the Rupert Duncan Band blog, this week we are going to talk briefly about stereotypes in music. In the Psychology fifth edition, Joseph Palladino and Stephen Davis have defined a stereotype in the following text “a set of socially shared beliefs that we hold about members of a particular group”. Stereotypes are [...]